Top 10 Worst UFC Pay Per View Disasters

TonyTwoGuns March 10th 2015 Sports
If you are a die-hard Ultimate Fighting Championship fan, then there probably aren’t many things that get you excited like a pay per view event. This is the real deal, where the top athletes come to lay everything on the line. This is the time and place where the biggest names in the industry go toe-to-toe. Title shots, and top contender fights, what is not to love about a good pay per view event? With that being said there have been some events that just did not excite.

#1 UFC 11

This event took place on September 20, 1996 and it followed the old style rules of the organization. If you are not familiar with the old rules, this is when one fighter would have three fights in one night. It was like a one night tournament, where the winner left with the belt. The main event came down to Mark Coleman and Scott Ferrozzo. Basically what happened was Mark Coleman ran through his other two opponents, as Scott Ferrozzo did not. The main event fight ended up not even happening because Ferrozzo was too exhausted to compete. Many people accused the UFC of setting this event up.

#2 UFC 12

This event was one of the darkest moments in the sports’ history. This event was supposed to take place in New York, but just days before the state banned MMA. As a matter of fact it is still banned in New York, this very day. This occurrence started a trend and kept the UFC out of most of the country and it almost ruined the organization.

#3 UFC 24

This event took place on March 10, 2000 and unfortunately it had a major mishap that ruined the whole event. The main event was supposed to be between Kevin Randleman and Pedro Rizzo, but Kevin Randleman slipped backstage, hit his head, and got a concussion. Needless to say the fight did not happen.

#4 UFC 27

Keep in mind that the UFC was still in the developmental stages at this time and that is what ruined this event. The UFC had some of the best heavyweight fighters in the world, just not enough, so when it came time for this event there was no one to face Pedro Rizzo. The UFC did the only thing it could do and got another fighter. Unfortunately, the fighter was an older man by the name of Dan Severn. Needless to say Rizzo ended the fight after 93 seconds.

#5 UFC 33

This event was stacked with some of the biggest names in the MMA organization. Some of these names you will still hear about today, but the event flopped. All of the fights went to decision, and some of the cable providers cut the event off during the main event.

#6 UFC 36

All and all this card was not that bad, but it ended with a big upset in the main event. Josh Barnett upset Randy Couture and won the heavyweight title. What is wrong with an upset? Nothing an upset is great except, when the winner tests positive for tons of steroids after the fight.

#7 UFC 61

This card had a much anticipated main event between Tim Sylvia and Andrei Arlovski. They had already two previous fights, which were just wild and great fights. However, this fight was awful. It went to a boring fifth round decision.

#8 UFC 90

The main event in this card was Anderson Silva V.S. Patrick Cote. At this time Silva had absolutely destroyed all of his previous opponents. However, this fight did not turn out like that. The only action of the fight came in the third round when Patrick Cote fell to the ground complaining of a knee injury.

#9 UFC 119

This event had some pretty big names on it, but it was headlined by two fighters, who were was past their prime. These two fighters would be Frank Mir and Mirko Cro Cop. The whole card was pretty uneventful, but the main event was even more so. Both fighters ended up jabbing at each other for three rounds until Mir snuck a knee in and knocked Mirko out. The fight was so bad that Dana White did not award Mir with the ” knockout of the night bonus” even though it was the only knockout of the night.

#10 UFC 149

This card was a total wreck. There were three out of four different injuries, before the card took place. Several different fights pulled out, and when the card finally aired with the newly replaced fighters they were all awful. The crowd even ended up booing at the end of the event.


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