Top 25 Craziest Last Words of Death Row Inmates

TonyTwoGuns March 26th 2015 Other

#22 Bennie Demps

Demps was serving a double life sentence for murdering two people in a Lake County Florida orange grove in 1971. While incarcerated he murdered fellow inmate Alfred Sturgis at Florida State Prison, and Demps received the death penalty. For Demps' execution, it took execution technicians 33 minutes to find suitable veins. The executioners had no unusual problems finding one vein, but because Florida protocol requires a second alternate intravenous drip, they continued to work to insert another needle, finally abandoning the effort after their prolonged failures. His final words were "They butchered me back there, I was in a lot of pain. They cut me in the groin; they cut me in the leg. I was bleeding profusely. This is not an execution, it is murder."

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