20 Insane, Wild and Crazy Tattoos

Abigail Bouwma March 26th 2015 Humor
We all have that friend who got smashed and ended up with a butterfly tramp stamp, but here are some other tattoos that are just as crazy.

1. Open Wide

What is even the point of that?!

2. Brand Loyalty

Oh honey...

3. Barcode Babe

Is that even scannable?

4. Poor Advertising

Is that really something you want on your head?

5. Alternative Footwear

Why not buy a pair of shoes?! Less painful, less expensive, less...stupid.

6. Abstract Art

Obviously supposed to be a Pringles logo...I think there was some miscommunication about style.

7. Billboard

I don't even know where to start...

8. TMI

While it may be true, it may not be wise...

9. Look at What You've Done

"Lord Knows" "The Real Her" is "Doing It Wrong". "If You're Reading This It's Too Late" to be undone.

10. Not Recommended

While this one is funny, I do not recommend.

11. Suburban America

Some poor, forgetful dad got what was coming to him.

12. I Don't Believe You

Are you sure? Really?

13. I Don't Buy That


14. Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

If he ends up dead, we know where to look.

15. People You See At Wal-Mart

"Actually, I shop at Whole Foods."

16. Ivy League

Why is this a thing that happened? EYEBROWS ARE IMPORTANT.

17. Thanks for the Warning

I can't tell if this is a blessing or something I should take pity on...


WHAT IF SHE SAYS NO?!?!?!?!?!?!

19. Error Message

A prerequisite for giving or getting a tattoo is basic spelling knowledge. Period.

20. King Me

I dunno if anyone told him, but checkers is usually played on a flat surface.


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