10 of the Most Talent Driven Sports

T.F. Lyle March 26th 2015 Sports
How do you define sports? Physical exertion? Check. Lots of skill? No duh. An amazing display of human capability? Check check. There are hundreds of sports around the world but which ones require the most talent, skill, and/or energy?

1. Rugby

Imagine football on steroids with a little soccer thrown on top. Rugby originated from England and it's all about the speed, agility, and smarts of the players. You won't see any gear on these guys, but the lack thereof won't stop them from plowing into every moving thing.


Muhammed Ali did it, Rocky too( well, sorta). Boxing is both physically and mentally exerting. It's one tough sport in which boxers, either men or women, must use their skills in the ring to avoid a knock out or worse.


Woah, look at the air on that one! Snowboarding is all about the experience and the balance. You gotta know what you're doing when you're speeding down a steep slope at speeds near 50 mph. It takes real skill to become one with the board!

4. Gymnastics

Try not to seethe in jealousy towards these talented individuals. Gymnastics involves speed, agility, flexibility, and lot's of muscle strength...though they they make it look so easy.

5. Figure Skating

Dancing on the ice. I mean, just wow. It's hard enough to get on that darned ice in the first place. Professional skaters have to have the technique, the personality, and the endurance to meet the standards of a sport in need of natural skaters and natural talent.

6. Ice Hockey

They're the ice warriors of the rink. They lose teeth, they have to keep track of a little round Klondike bar on the ice, and they have to work as team. Don't get in a brawl with these tough hombres; hockey players can be rough.

7. Soccer

Skill and speed is useful on the field. Once again, Soccer is a sport that involves a team effort in which players have to apply tactics and agility to all they do.

8. Swimming

Swimming is exhausting. It burns loads of calories and the pool chemicals make one tired. Imagine doing it for a life time occupation. Swimmers dedicate their time, energy, efforts, basically all of themselves to become better at what they do.


Not everyone can hold onto a rope that's attached to a raging bull beneath. Some could argue that bull/horse riders are not talented, but you go on and try to deal with a lean, mean, pumping machine that's out to kill you.


Behold, the specimens. Both men and women basketball players got it all. They have the body control,they have the speed, and they have the moxie. Heck, sometimes they even go airborne. Basketball requires both the physical and mental exertion of players and they won't disappoint.


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