Paul Walker's Daughter Reveals Some Heartwarming Things About Her Late Father

Jay Dawson August 23rd 2017 Entertainment
The death of a celebrity always strikes a terrible blow. Not just to those who knew them, but to the public as well. Through their films, music, or TV appearances, we feel like we knew them. We feel like we grew up with them. But the truth of death is far more mundane, and far more personal than that. While we move on to another celebrity tragedy, those family members are still left grieving and often forgotten. Like Meadow Walker. But she hasn't become broken - she's come out of the other side of her father's death stronger than ever...

The Terrible Tragedy

Few can forget the awful news that came to us on November 30, 2013. At 3:30pm, while driving to a charity event with his friend Roger Rodas, Roger's Porsche Carrera GT crashed into a concrete lamp pole at over 80mph, killing both of them instantly. It was an incredible shock to the world. Paul was only 40 years old, and in the prime of his life...

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