20 Silly Hillbilly Quotes

TonyTwoGuns March 25th 2015 Humor
Whether you are a southerner or not, you have definitely heard some of the famous quotes that are often used by the hill people. Some of these may not make any sense, at all, while others are partially comprehendible.

#1 Moonshining

Moonshine has been a popular drink among the hillbillies, since the beginning of time. Many of them spent some time behind bars, because of their illegal moonshining.

#2 Jethro's Uncle Is Shocked Again

The Hillbillies was a long running television series that many Americans enjoyed for many years. Jethro and Ellie Mae were definitely strangers in Hollywood.

#3 Unwelcome Strangers

Many hillbillies were protective over their property and home. They never appreciated an unwelcomed visitor.

#4 Wrong Track

This is one is confusing!

#5 That's A Fact

Whether your name was Jack or Harry, this quote still relates to you and the information that you received from a hillbilly.

#6 This Is A True Hill Girl

Female hillbillies are proud of their heritage and it shows in this famous quote.

#7 Speaking Their Mind

Southerners definitely are not too ashamed to speak their mind.

#8 Can't Always Choose Your Family

Even hillbillies are ashamed of their kin folks.

#9 Hopefully It Won't Flood

Many southerners reside in low-lining flood areas and are faced with making decisions based on this natural disaster.

#10 Fool?

If you are a mean brat, then mama don't care to tell you so.

#11 You Dumb

This dude does not care to speak his mind.

#12 He's Smart

Hillbillies are definitely geniuses and they are proud of it.

#13 Never Offend A Hillbilly

If you find yourself visiting your cousins in Kentucky, be sure to never offend them, because they will kick you out the front door.

#14 Dumb or Dumber

Sadly many mamas find their offspring just plum dumb.

#16 Hopefully You Will Never Want

Don't be bashing the old lady for getting home too late from work.

#16 Slimy What?

Whether it be ice, oil, or feces, it is always slicker than snot, when a hillbilly slips on it.

#17 Prefer To Be Quiet?

All women love to talk, sometimes too much, but the old man don't like saying too much.

#18 Foghorn Leghorn Got It Right

If you aren't smart, your folks will definitely let you know about it.

#19 Small Fellow

Young kids hate being patted on the head and called shorty, in the hillbilly way.

#20 Happy To See Ya

A hillbilly mother loves to see her kids stop by, after Sunday church service.


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