20 Ridiculous Lawsuits Filed By Idiots and Their Lawyers

TonyTwoGuns March 25th 2015 Humor
Lawyers and their clients can be some of the biggest scumbags on earth. It doesn't matter whether the attorney works for the prosecution or the defense since they're all dirty. Only every now and again do they go lower than low. Below you'll find those cases where these individuals have stooped into the pits. Here are 20 absolutely crazy lawsuits that will shock you. #20 is incredibly ridiculous!

#1 Tomas Delgado

Tomas Delgado, A Spanish businessman, was driving his Audi and hit a 17-year-old boy. The event occurred during the night and the boy was not wearing a helmet or reflectors. Delgado sued the boy’s family for the damages done to the car. Unfortunately the boy died when he was hit in August of 2004. Sad to say Haro, Spain has some of the world's filthiest lawyers.

#2 Edward Gamson

Edward Gamson booked a trip to Granada, but he ended up in Grenada. Gamson sued the British airways for $34,000. It wasn’t like this was a huge mistake. The two places only have one letter difference in their names. Edward, who is from Florida, decided to sue the company in 2014 with the help of a dirty attorney.

#3 Vinicios Robacher

A 15-year-old Robacher sued his teacher for waking him during a nap. The teacher slammed her palm on the boys desk and this resulted with damage to his hearing. The boy and his father, Soel Robacher, attempted to sue Melissa Nadeau with the help of some incredibly stupid lawyers. The event took place in March of 2008.

#4 Webster Lucas

Webster Lucas asked for extra napkins at McDonalds, but he declared that the manager mumbled something racist under his breath. Lucas was unable to attend work for days due to stress. Lucas sued the Pacoima, California McDonald's for $1.5 Million Dollars after the incident, which occurred on January 29, 2014. He should've tried to get a state prosecution team for that crime!

#5 Roy Pearson

A Judge named Roy Pearson sued a dry cleaner for giving him the wrong pair of pants. He sued them for $67 million dollars. What pair of pants is worth that much money? The event, which took place in Northeast Washington, occurred in 2007. Thankfully, the defense and the Custom Cleaners won.

#6 Allen Heckard

A man, Allen Heckard, that looks like Michael Jordan sued the star and Nike. The man states that he suffered mental stress because he was always mistaken for the star. The event took place in 2006 and the man attempted to win $52 million! Wow, hard to believe any attorney would accept the case.

#7 Huseyin Kalkan

In a city of Turkey called Batman, the Mayor, Huseyin Kalkan, decides that he is going to sue Warner Brothers during the making of The Dark Knight. Did it take the city this long to realize that Batman existed? The mayor met with lawyers and attempted to file suit in 2008. Just goes to show that you can sue for anything.

#8 Lauren Rosenberg

Lauren Rosenberg was trying to walk from 96 Daly Street, Park City, Utah to 1710 Prospector Avenue, Park City, Utah. She was using Google Maps on her blackberry as a guide. She comes up on a highway, and decides that it is a good idea to walk down it. She gets his by a car and decides to sue Google Maps. The incident occurred on January 19, 2009, and Rosenberg likely met with an attorney the next day.

#9 Karl Kemp

Karl Kemp who owns a high-end antique store sued 4 homeless people for hanging out in front of his store. He said that they were scaring off customers. Kemp sued them for $1 Million dollars. How are they going to pay? This one took place in New York in 2007. Karl Kemp & Associates kind of sounds like a defense lawyers office, doesn't it?

#10 Robert Lee Brock

Robert Lee Brock, A prison inmate, tried to sue himself. The man was arrested for breaking and entering. He said that he violated his own religious beliefs. Of course, he didn’t have the $5 million dollars that he requested and wanted the state to cover the charges. This one took place in Virginia in 1995. This guy would've been better off suing the prosecution team.

#11 Cleanthi Peters

Cleanthi Peters tried to sue Universal Studios after attending one of their Halloween events. An employee scared her after exiting a ride. What did she think was going to happen? The event look place in 2000 and the woman immediately sought out lawyers.

#12 Richard Batista

Richard Batista sues his cheating wife after she serves him with divorce papers. He either wanted $1.5 million dollars or the Kidney that he provided her with 8 years earlier. This Long Island doctor wanted his kidney back and put together a prosecution team to see that it happened.

#13 Delores Tanel

Delores Tanel, A meals on wheels employee, sues an 81-year-old woman after slipping on ice in her driveway. How is she supposed to clean her driveway if she can’t leave her home to get food? This one took place in Brookfield in 2007. The insurance company's lawyers sued Anne Keipper.

#14 Jack Ass

A man who had changed his name to Jack Ass sued the popular MTV show Jackass for $ 10 million dollars. He sued for misrepresentation of character. This forty-four year old is from Hot Springs, Montana. It is hard to believe Jack could even find an attorney to attempt this case.

#15 Stella Liebech

Stella Liebech sues McDonalds because she spilled hot coffee on herself. This coffee caused third degree burns. She didn’t know the coffee was supposed to be hot. The event took place on February 22, 1992. She worked extremely hard to find a sufficient defense team, which won her $600,000.

#16 Kathleen Robertson

Kathleen Robertson, a woman in Austin, TX sues a furniture store because she tripped over a toddler inside the store and broke her ankle. The store was surprised to learn they lost the lawsuit because the toddler was the lady’s own kid. The event took place in January of 2000. Surprisingly, she found an attorney to take the case on.

#17 Bernard Bey

A homeless man by the name of Bernard Bey sued his parents because he was homeless. He said that their emotional neglect caused him to be homeless. The man sued his parents in 2013 because his parents didn't love him enough. Guess he was working with the prosecution who showered him with plenty of love!

#18 Wanita Renea Young

Two young girls, Taylor Ostergaard and Lindsey Zellitti, decided to make cookies and leave them on the doorsteps of their neighbors. Well, one neighbor got so freaked out that someone knocked on her door it caused her to have an anxiety attack. The event took place in Colorado and the trial concluded in 2006. Wanita won $900 thanks to her lawyers.

#19 Andy Dogali

Several handicapped people have sued Disney after they outlawed Segway use in their amusement parks. The thing is that Disney did not outlaw riding wheelchairs, only the Segway’s. Disney World was sued in 2014 by a group of unidentified mothers by defense attorney Andy Dogali.

#20 William Baxter

William Baxter sued his wife after being attacked by her cat. The man was watching the cat while the woman was away. William attempted to sue his wife for $100k. The man was attacked on April 22, 2011 at his Homer Glen home. Surprisingly, he found an attorney to help him pursue the case.


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