10 Of The Biggest Overhyped MMA Fighters Of All Time

TonyTwoGuns March 10th 2015 Sports
Being a MMA fan can sometimes be a challenging task. Dana White is very well known for hyping up fighters that truly have not talent, at all, but by the time you figure this out, it is already too late because you have already stuck tons of money into their cause. Check out Dana’s hype jobs so that you will know exactly what we’re talking about.

#1 Brock Lesnar - Biggest Freak of All Time

Brock Lesnar is one of Dana’s huge hype jobs. Of course, he beat Frank Mir and Frank Mir. One thing that is true about Brock is he is athletic and big, but that is about it. He was taken down by no other than the current champion, Cain Velasquez.

#2 Forrest Griffin - Fire Fighter, MMA Fighter, Cry Baby

Dana White spent several years hyping up the former fire fighter, Forrest Griffin. Forrest did have talent in making people laugh, but that was about it. He had a blowout fight with Stephan Bonnar, which definitely sent everyone begging for more, but he instantly walked or ran to shame, after fighting Tito Ortiz and Anderson Silva.

#3 Randy Couture - No Where Near Being Captain America

Randy “The Natural” Couture is definitely an overhyped fighter. He hails from Oregon and is highly known for cage humping and lay and pray, he is probably the fighter that developed lay and pray style. His record says it all, with eleven losses out of thirty fights.

#4 Alistair Overeem - Steroid Genius Fighter

Jamaican Alistair Overeem has definitely earned his ranking as one of the worst fighters of all times. He is known for failing drug tests, due to the use of the banned substance, anabolic steroids. He has the body for fighting, but that is about it.

#5 Dan Hardy - Nobody to Hero to Nobody

Dan Hardy is one of Dana White’s zeros that he forced down everyone’s throat. He was awarded a title shot against GSP, after winning four fights, but ended up not showing up to the fight, and then he later retired in 2012.

#6 Kimbo Slice - From Slice to Splice

Kimbo “The King Of Brawlers” Slice earned his name in street fighting and youtube.com. Retired fighter, Bas Rutten took it upon himself to teach Slice everything he knew about MMA, which appeared to be nothing. His fight with James Thompson appeared to have been setup because referee Dan Miragliotta let Slice get obliterated by Thompson, before actually stopping the fight, due to a busted cauliflower ear. This won Slice the victory, but his reign to fame was over.

#7 Rashad Evans - From Sugar to Salt

Rashad “Suga” Evans has never been one of Dana White’s favorite fighters, but this did not stop him from pushing him to the top quickly. Rashad has never truly been impressive in the right. He is known for cage humping and not much else. Lyoto Machida tapped him on the chin and Rashad’s eyes slowed rolled back in his head, what a memory.

#8 Brandon Vera - Is that the truth?

Brandon “The Truth” Vera is a very well-known name is the MMA world. He has fought quite a bit and only lost seven fights out of twenty-one, but who has he really fought? The only big name fighter that he ever beat was poor Frank Mir.

#9 Shane Carwin - All Mass No Gas

Shane Carwin is definitely a beastly fellow, but he did not stand up to his hype. He bragged about not training fully for his fights and it showed every time. If he didn’t beat em’ in the first sixty seconds, it was all over for poor Shane because his gas tank was all out of fuel.

#10 Uriah Hall - Played Like a Video Game

Uriah Hall may have had some MMA skill, but what he lacked most was self-confidence and killer instant. This can be the downfall of a fighter and it was for Hall. Dana White made the comment, after Uriah lost two fights by decision, “he’s not a killer like John Jones.”


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