20 Embarrassing Texting Mistakes

Cheryl Brite March 25th 2015 Humor
Everybody makes mistakes but when that mistake is in the form of a text message, how will you ever live it down? You can correct your mistake in the next text all you want but the damage has been done.

#1. Old Navy Trouble

Someone’s going to be in trouble if they don’t show up at work but a complete stranger can always take your shift. Although if anyone can take your shift, that’s great because who really wants to work at Old Navy from 4:45pm-9PM?

#2. Grandpa's Health

It’s so embarrassing for someone to think you want his or her grandpa dead, especially when a smiley face is at the end of the text. You’re an evil human being for a few seconds until you clear up that you meant to text that you hope he gets better.

#3. Busted Big Time

Your mom now knows all about what you’ve been doing with Lisa in their bed and all because of autocorrect. It’s funny how autocorrect gets you in trouble and reveals the truth at the same time.

#4. Autocorrect Did It

Being a Hermaphrodite is nothing to be sorry for but if you meant germophobe, then I guess you have a lot of explaining to do. Have you ever seen a text where someone apologies for autocorrect?

#5. Divorce Is Disney

There’s a big difference between divorce and Disney and for a moment you’ve scared the living daylights out of your child until you clarify you’re going to Disney. It’s amazing how one misunderstanding can traumatize you for a few seconds before it is all put right again.

#6. The Meaning Of LOL

Don’t use LOL if you don’t know what it means or else you could be laughing out loud at the fact that your great aunt passed away. Now you have to spend time telling all the people you texted that you thought LOL meant lots of love and so here in lies the lesson, always type out your words instead of abbreviation because it might just save you some embarrassment in the long run.

#7. An Accidental Text To A Crush?

You’ve just admitted to the guy you like that you like him but how could you think you’re talking to your friend Jenna when you were talking to Chris? You hope he feels the same about you, and that’s why you subconsciously sent the text to him but alas he doesn’t feel the same about you, and you’ve just been rejected in a text message.

#8. Dead Husband

Maybe you secretly want your husband dead and you’re just covering your tracks. Oh all right it’s probably not this reasoning; damn autocorrect just makes things interesting in a marriage.

#9. What's In The Car?

Why did you lock a Jew in the car? Oh wait you mean your keys in the car, well accidents happen.

#10. A Message From AT&T

When will this mom get a clue? Your kid doesn’t want to talk to you anymore so stop texting, but AT&T seems interested in doing the dishes and cleaning your kid’s room and hey they’ll probably get a car out of the deal.

#11. I'm Not Gay

It’s good to know your mom would be accepting of you being gay, but you’re not and the fact that they thought you were is a real issue with you.

Was Dad In The Freezer?

So, you weren’t really going to eat dad? Well that’s a relief because for a minute you thought mom was into cannibalism.

#13. An Affair Revealed

It’s one thing to think your husband wants to breakup with you, but it’s another thing to discover from him that the text wasn’t for you. If it sounds like your husband’s been having an affair in a text he accidentally sends you, then it’s probably true.

#14. You're A Cow

When someone asks you if you looks like a cow, you say moo. You meant no, and you’re desperately trying to repair your mistake in your next text but the damage has all ready been done.

#15. Satan Vs Santa

Taking your kids to see Satan is just bad parenting on your part but if you meant Santa, then all is right with the world. You’re a good Christian?

#16. Caught In a Cigarette Lie

You’re a 15 year old who has just been caught by your dad for trying to score cigarettes. You’re dad caught you big time and now there’s nowhere to hide accept for your room for the next month or so because who knows how long you’ll be grounded.

#17. A Text At Work

You want Toby to bring you home human beef, are you out of your mind? Oh, you meant the food place Hunan Beef and you’re cracking up so hard by your own text that you might get Toby fired and end up living on the street but hey you order the human beef and he’ll go pick it up.

#18. Alcohol And What Kind Of Monitor?

Someone’s confused about what they want, but it’s nothing a Mojito and a monitor won’t fix.

#19. Busted Smartass!

You just told your mom that you got laid and if this isn’t embarrassing, then nothing else ever will be. Sure you try to cover it up by being a smartass but you’re mom is pissed and if you’re not home soon, you won’t have a chance to be yelled at.

#20. Drugs Or Pie?

You guess you can see how autocorrect changed crème pie to crack pipe, but your mom’s so adamant in her text that she doesn’t do drugs that it makes you wonder how well you really know her.


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