20 Hilarious Celebrity Derp Shots

Abigail Locke March 24th 2015 Entertainment
When one's a celebrity, one can never pull a derp without a couple photographers noticing and spreading it everywhere. We love this guys, but we can't resist teasing them.

#1 Robert Downey Jr.

This man ages like wine, more fantastic by the year. His sass increases by the year as well, and makes for wonderful facial pics.

#2 Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo's known for being classy and handsome, but when he gets his freak on...well, who knows what'll happen?

#3 Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer, we love you for shamelessly making these faces.

#4 Taylor Swift

Taylor's a cat-loving dork underneath all of her fabulousness.

#5 Chris Pine

Everything Chris does is either cute or sexy--this is the closest one can get to a full-on derp.

#6 Obama

Um...you okay, there, Mr. President?

#7 Matt Smith

Eleventh doctor--charming, clever, poetic, and sometimes...downright strange.

#8 Tobey Maguire

With great power, comes great derp.

#9 Beneweird Cucumberman

I mean...Benvolio Cookieface? Betabutt Crumblymask? Oh! Benedict Cumberpatch. Yes, that's right.

#10 Robert Pattinson

Oh, Robert. When he's not playing a stoic vampire, he can be a sassy dork.

#11 Oprah Winfrey

She does this when she's excited...

#12 Anna Kendrick

Er gert mer terckert fer der lerng wer rernd.

#13 Josh Hutcherson

Josh is a puppy. A dorky, derpy puppy.

#14 Chris Evans

And he still manages to be incredibly hot.

#15 David Tennant

Ten is a babe, but he makes the dorkiest faces ever.

#16 Sam and Dean

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles can't be separated--and neither can their characters in Supernatural.

#17 Will Ferrell

Buddy the elf, what's your favorite color?

#18 Ben Stiller

So classy, but that duck face gives away his inner dork.

#19 Beyonce

Even perfection derps sometimes.

#20 Charlie Sheen

Charlie's hopped up on way too much sugar.


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