MMA Fights Gone Wrong: Top 10 Worst MMA Injuries

TonyTwoGuns March 10th 2015 Sports
Mixed Martial Arts is a combat sport that has been around for a long time, but the sport has not really got any mainstream recognition until last few years. The reason the sport was not shown on mainstream is because it was said to be too barbaric. It has been proven that these types of fighters take less damage than a boxer would because of the ground aspect of the sport. Boxers are constantly trading punches, but in mixed martial arts there are chances for wrestling, and takedowns. With this being said, there are times when there are some pretty horrific injuries.

#1 Self-Influcted Injury

This was truly a horrific injury that put an up and coming fighter on the sidelines for quite sometime. I don’t think anyone could watch this without tensing up.

#2 Accidents Do Happen

This is a video of Anderson Silva V.S. Chris Weidman. Not only was this a bad injury, but it was also a bad way to end a huge title rematch. Not to mention the fact that this occurred in the second round of a five round fight.

#3 Wow, I Bet That Hurts

All I have to say about this video is WOW! If this does not make your cringe when you watch it, then you are not human.

#4 Three Round Toe-To-Toe Bout

This is a video of Kimo Leopoldo V.S. Tim Lajctk. All you can say about this video is that these two fighters go toe-to-toe until the injury occurs.

#5 Too Fast To Tap Out

Many people consider the submission aspect of mixed martial arts to be boring, but I would like them to say that again after watching this video. Not to mention the fact, that it is a woman who pulls this off.

#6 Silva Nose Best

This is a bout between Anderson Silva (who is in the first video) and Rich Franklin. This was a title fight in which Silva wins the title. After watching this video you will say, “This guy really nose what he’s doing.”

#7 Can You Hear Me Now?

This is another case of two women fighters really going at it. This is something that you are probably never going to see happen in boxing, and this is due to the glove size.

#8 Good Thing I am a Righty

This is a really hard video to watch and is probably the end of a fighter’s career. It is hard to say who is at blame for this. Maybe the guy should have tapped out, or maybe the ref should have stepped in a little sooner.

#9 Did I Just Do That?

This is a very painful and serious injury, but this guy kind of brought it on himself. It is hard to watch a fighter get injured like this because they put so much work into getting ready for the fight.

#10 Double Snap

This is a video similar to some of the other videos that you have seen, but this guy doesn’t seem to think he broke his leg good enough the first time. So he decides to fall on it again to make sure it is broke.


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